Microsoft Testing PC Game Pass Widget for Windows 11

Pick a letter from the menu you want the network drive to be identified as. From the Map Network Drive window, use the dropdown menu to select a drive letter. You can select any drive letter, it doesn’t matter which.

The game-broadcasting capability of boasts sub-1-second latency, for much tighter communication with your audience. It also lets users create their own Arena gamer tournaments on Xbox Live, in support of the burgeoningesportscraze. With the need for video meetings that drove the ascent of Zoom, Skype now offers ad-hoc group video calls with the Meet Now feature.

What you need to know about Windows 11

The Action Center collects alerts from your device from all your apps, similar to the notifications drawers in iOS and Android. Depending on the app, you can also respond or react from this panel itself, with each notification expanding to show more actions. The Action Center also offers a quick way to toggle connectivity options and other settings, such as display brightness and contrast.

The worst thing about Windows 11 is the bizarre requirements. TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot are required according to Microsoft. But for the leaked dev preview build, I installed it on my years-old Core i5-4300U powered laptop that has TPM 1.2. You can easily install Windows 11 without having the latest TPM 2.0. If your system is around 7 years old, there is a great chance it has TPM 1.2 and it works just fine. You have to dig in the bios, disable legacy mode and enable UEFI to use Secure Boot.

  • Now, Microsoft has added another choice into the mix with their S Mode version of Windows.
  • As of March 2020, Microsoft Teams has over 75 million daily active users.
  • Once you have this permission, you can right-click on the Computer icon on the desktop and select Map Network Drive.
  • Windows10Debloater is a script-based solution with an optional GUI that allows to remove or re-install all built-in Windows 10 Apps with just a mouse click.

Alternatively, you can take help of the Find menu to locate the Windows programs you want to uninstall. STEP 5- Simply type Y & then click the Enter button to confirm and start the uninstallation process. STEP 3- From the active string, type – product get name and hit the Enter button.

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However, if you want extra features for removing the leftover junk, you should check out Revo Uninstaller Pro. After that, it removes the app and provides a list of the leftover pieces of the program spread throughout various directories. It also gives you a list of the leftover Registry keys for you to delete.

There are also a variety of small new features, including a new policy that expands an app’s top three notifications by default in the Action Center for apps that send Windows notifications. It displays multiple notifications that you can interact with simultaneously. This build adds IP address auditing for incoming Windows Remote Management connections in security event 4262 and WinRM event 91. This addresses an issue that fails to log the source IP address and machine name for a remote PowerShell connection. The build also includes several new Print and Scan features. Windows 10 is a Microsoft operating system for personal computers, tablets, embedded devices and internet of things devices.

TPM is basically a hardware security processor in modern PCs. Nearly all desktops and laptops support TPM 2.0, but make this page sure to check our list of motherboards that support TPM if you built your own PC. Upgrading to Windows 11 is a simple affair, but you might be apprehensive if you’ve been sitting on Windows 10. As we lay out in our guide on how to install Windows 11, most PCs can upgrade from Windows 10 for free through a simple Windows update. We strongly recommend going this route to avoid malicious Windows 11 installers that can surface in search engines.

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